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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Setting the Mood for Christmas ~ 2014

There is no place like home. It feels great to be home after work. I started putting on some Christmas decor to welcome the Holiday Season. 

Poinsettia, my favorite Christmas flower. I bought this at the flower vendor selling all kinds of flowers right at the entrance of the shopping mall where my office is located. 

The grill on the window is great for hanging Christmas decor. That grill was not in there last year. 

My little Christmas tree. The cell phone camera I guess is too bright. It did not capture the blinking Christmas lights. At the background is my room. 

I miss the bigger red couch. These little ones will do while I am working on my budget.The bigger red couch had big tear. I do not like to have it repaired anymore. I gave it to friend who wants it. I was on tight budget when I moved. I bought the cheap couch. It served me for about three years. It had a tear, the tear became bigger. I decided to take it out of my living room to give way to the next set, hopefully early 2015. Feeling optimistic. :)

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