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Monday, January 04, 2016

Random Thoughts

I was glad to be granted vacation leave after Christmas and until New Year. Before I went on vacation leave I already knew I will be on a training right after the first week of January 2016. What would be the training for?

Towards the 3
rd week of November our team captain got sick and was on sick leave for two weeks. Last week of November, our floor coach manned our team huddle.  Management has given each team a floor coach. The floor coach guides us whenever we encounter questions about internet and optic television when customers call in. Due to wide coverage and some intricacy on internet issues, management determined, we new trainees on this field still need assistance. 

The last week of November, tech department received an email training is underway.  At our huddle our floor coach asked if anyone from our team would like to undergo the training. He asked for volunteer, to which no one volunteered.  On my way home after work shift, I had an afterthought.  I sent the floor coach a message saying I am volunteering. He confirmed getting my message the following the day, I reported for work.

First week of December my team captain reported for work.  I had a talk with her regarding the training. I had known there are three of us in our team who will attend the remediation training.  Remediation training? My two team mates are good performers in our team. I wonder what is going to happen?  Random thoughts right past my busy brain.  Maybe I can back out? 

My team captain advised me of the changes in the business operation in Canada.  We need to undergo the training to help the operation in the Philippines. That is if more business will be given to Manila Philippines, or if Canada will be offering the business to another country. I was pleased of the explanation I heard.  I thought to myself, the training I volunteered for is worth attending. So, training starts 5th of January. Wish me luck, folks.

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