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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Princess In Waiting


My Dear Mr. Webmaster,

I’m a girl age seven that has no playmate. I had a piggy pet before, named Wilbur. He was my happiness, until the poor fellow got lost with Winnie the Pooh at 100 Acre Woods. No trace of him to date. I just hope he has not been caught by Charlotte in her web. I am just kidding, sir. I hope you are smiling now. As I want you to be my friend, and read my letter, from the top until you are finished.

My daddy works in another country, in an office he said like in a jargon. I guess I can’t explain that one further, too much for a little girl’s wits. He mentioned about computer program, is it like a program in school? He further says where he is, I got a baby brother. He knows I am alone in the house, and badly needed a playmate. Why doesn’t he takes, my baby brother home?

My mommy is always busy here in the house, in front of computer. She said she is always online with her friend, in the Word Wide Web she calls it a dating site. I’m happy for my mommy she has friends at the Website. I saw the other fellow, smiling at her over at the computer. My mommy told me once he was in a chat room with him. I guess I should be jealous and a little envious. Why doesn’t, I have a Website, like what my mommy has?

It is always snowing here outside of our house. I want to have a playmate to build a snowman. Oh, what fun that could probably be! If my playmate can’t play with me outside, maybe we can also chat. I got an idea, Mr. Webmaster, since I don’t have a playmate and I want to have some friends. Maybe you can help me out, create my own Website? In that case I can look for friends. I can chat with them after school. Mr. Webmaster, is this little girl bright enough for the idea?

If you create me a Website, I promise to be good. Please think of it as present, to a girl who needs a playmate and in want to have some friends too, like my mommy. In that case I won’t miss my daddy or my baby brother. What do you think, sir? I’m reluctant to close my letter, but time to go to bed now.

With this letter I’m sending you my hugs and kisses, and bunch of smileys. I will send this letter tomorrow, with the help of my neighbor. I hope to get your reply very soon. Good night Mr. Webmaster…

In waiting,

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