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Monday, February 11, 2008

My Anecdote Of Romance

I thought of writing a topic that would go with what is to be celebrated this week. How could anyone forget the most awaited month of February? With or without someone to celebrate the 14th of February, let us talk about relationship.

Friendship and romance is almost always intertwined and could not be separated. Some relationships develop out of friendships, while some developed through friendship. Knowing each others unique qualities could lead to a more serious relationship. Friendships connect to other important relationship, thus intimacy is developed in friendship. The best way to get close to someone you like is through friendship. You started to share the same feelings and emotions that would lead to being best friends. The closer you get, the better you could share feelings to each other. And the feeling just comes out naturally.

I have a male friend who married his neighbour because they had developed a bond that would not separate him from his friend. They studied at the same school from kindergarten to college. Parents of both parties trusted in them, they would take care of each other due to their closeness. When they were about to finish college, for fear he might lose her to another guy. He finally had the courage to tell her of his true feelings. He wants more than friendship. They were married soon after they got their first jobs.

Relationships do not stop after saying the commitment word “I do.” No matter how perfect looking a diamond is there could be some rough edges that needed to be polished to attain perfection. While some would not want to give their commitment unless their chemistry works, others would simply want to give it a try and go by the saying, “opposite poles attract”. May I remind my readers that in relationship, it takes “two to tango.” You do not have the ways of thinking of the other party. If you believed in this magnetic premise just be sure the attraction could withstands the pressure from another pole that may be searching for another opposite pole to get attracted to.

My male friend married young thinking he could have more time to play with his son. Little did he know his bride being an athlete in her younger years would have hysterectomy at age thirty-five. He lost his dream of fathering a son, but his happiness accordingly is still complete because of his love and commitment for his best friend.

From friends to best friends, that is beautiful! But I still believed the most important virtue in a relationship is commitment. Before you get involve in a serious relationship ask yourself if he or she is the one you are willing to get committed to. Do I have the patience to ignore this person snores so loudly beside me in bed? Is she the one am I still willing to hug despite her bulging waistline after she gives birth to my son? If your answer is “YES”, then I have no doubt you are willing to give your commitment.


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