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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Some Travelling Tips

So… you want to travel but thinking of a limited budget? Not a problem. Let your fingers do the walking. Yeah right… Power up your computer and start surfing the net for some package tours. You may also start borrowing news papers from a fast food chain every morning, before you report for work. Pretend you are interested in the news, arching a bit your eyebrows until you get to what you are looking for. Presto! You are on the right page. Airline companies with their telephone numbers in bold prints.

There are airline companies who offered budget tours. Just do not be choosy. Some luxuries may not be available by the time you are air born. But do not worry. You will not tell your neighbours anyway. What is important is your photo album. You could show the album to your neighbours, in case they ask, why you had requested a friend to temporarily board in your apartment. Do not fret if your camera is not a digicam. You could make alibis to kibitzers. Your sister borrowed your digicam for the graduation of her son.

Travel light. Leave room for some souvenir items you may want to take home for display at your living room or as presents to your relatives and friends. Remember, you do not get to travel most of the time. You may want to get an item that would let you remember the place you had visited. I wrote travel light, lest you might end up paying for excess baggage back home. Also be a little choosy of the items you are to give your relatives and friends. That is to avoid them to get to thinking you just bought the items from a Duty Free Shop after fetching a relative from the airport.

Scared to travel all by your self ladies? Not a problem at all, you are not alone. There are some who do travel by themselves. Who knows? It could be a chance for you to get to know finally your, someone special. But, do not be overzealous giving your home address at once. You could give your mobile number or e-mail address. That would be your easiest way out, in case the person who gets interested in you is on the list, banned by your Immigration Bureau.

In case you are in a group tour and once in while you want to roam the place all by yourself. It could be helpful if you would have a guide map. In that way you will get to know the “ins” and “outs” of the city or the place where you are. When approached by strangers remember CAV. Be confident be alert and be vigilant. Nevertheless do not forget to retort back with your weapon. What else but your killer… SMILE.

Now, go ahead. Book that flight. Have an adventure! Have fun!

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Princess Zezebel Lair said...

Hi there Jolly, I love traveling so much and this tips surely will be useful to me, thanks, (^.^)

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