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Monday, December 08, 2008

Save That Electricity Bills

As we celebrate the Holiday Season I want to share some info on how we could save on our electricity bills. In the Philippines we celebrate Christmas for almost the whole month of December. We set up our Christmas tree and Christmas lights even as early as the 1st of December right after Halloween.

Filipinos are fun-loving people and we lavished our Christmas with merry makings, gift giving, families and friends gatherings. Sort of, it is like we celebrate fiesta everyday from day one of December. Setting up Christmas lights in our homes is to start the good mood of the season. This info by the way on how to save on electricity bills is good for all year round. Let us say this “nugget of wisdom” is my present to everyone, be a Filipino or anybody from other countries who happens to chance upon my blog at World Wide Web. So, how do save on that electricity bill? Here are some helpful tips.

- Turn off your computer and monitor when you are not using them. If your computer has sleep mode, make sure this feature is enabled. When this feature is active the computer will automatically converts to a low energy mode that will result to reduction in your electric usage.

Microwaves and ovens - Thaw food completely before cooking. If there is still time thaw food inside the refrigerator by taking them out from the freezer, if pressed for time or in a hurry, if is more efficient to thaw foods in microwave than in oven. Cook smaller quantities of food in microwave rather than toaster oven. Cooking a potato in an electric oven will cost about $01.10 as compared to $0.05 in toaster oven or $0.02 in a microwave oven. Use microwaves or outdoor grills to cook when possible. When boiling water and boiling point is reached, turn down the burner. At this stage, the heat does not get any hotter. Turning down the burner still maintains boiling temperature.

Refrigerators and freezers - These appliances operate most efficiently when full, but not overloaded, and during power outages foods will stay cold longer. Keep your freezer at a temperature between 0-5 degrees F. Settings below this temperature use more energy, and not necessary. Allow leftovers to cool before storing them in your refrigerator in at least one inch of space on each side for good circulation. Poor circulation can increase energy usage by 10%. Vacuum behind your refrigerator at least once a year to remove dirt and dust from the coils, dust build-up not only increases energy usage but it causes the unit to breakdown. Some refrigerators have the coils inside or underneath where you cannot get at them. But some built-in models have them accessible on top, typically behind a removable grille. Keep your refrigerator in a coolest part of the house. Out of direct sunlight, and away from oven, stoves, water heaters, and other appliances that emit heat when in used.

Lights - Turn lights off when you leave the room. Use one bulb instead of multiple bulbs whenever possible. A single 100-watt bulb produces the same amount of light as two 60-watt bulbs and uses 20% less energy. Use fluorescent lamps if possible. Halogen torchiere lamps are cheaper and attractive but you spend twice to thrice amount of electric usage and studies have shown to be fire hazard. A compact fluorescent torchiere is safe and will saves on your electric usage

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