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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

" I Am OnE YeAr Old "

Jolly Princess @ World Wide Web is one year old, last January 11, 2009. Thanks for the inspiration from my international friends. I created this blog to communicate with them because being busy at work I am unable to write e-mail or chat online more often with everyone. When they would see me post in here, they know I am still in touch with the World Wide Web.

Creating a blog is easy but publishing it is another challenge. I would say, it was some kind of hit and missed before I hit the bulls eye. One that gave me the challenge is how to let my blog be known to the World Wide Web. I am glad to receive an instruction on how to put the meta tag for my blog to get published at Google. Funny, I spent long hours doing the research of what seems to me a Web jargon. My effort was rewarded. My friends could finally locate my blog without my giving out to them my URL.

Blog posting is another thing. I tried to post topics related to health but my limited time to research made me quit the topic. I spent hours to research online and even read books because I do not want to publish something that would make my readers write me back accusing me of giving false info. I decided then to write any topic I would like to communicate with my readers. In this way, I could write in a relax manner.

As Jolly Princess celebrates its first birthday, I would like to thank my online friends for the inspiration, my family members, who had been supportive. My best friend Derek for inspiring me to write, I hope my dear we could write a book when we retire. (lol) To the bloggers, thanks for the brilliant ideas, most of you guys write well. To Blogger Staff, thanks for the great job folks. And, thanks for the space… Jolly Princess salutes you!

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