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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Reading Your Electric Meter

"Paying high electric bills, not welcome! Give me a break! Someone misread my meter!”

Oh, no, never let loose your dog to run after your meter reader only because you suspect the guy read your meter incorrectly. You may not know it but he is reading your actual electric usage. Learn to read your meter. If you have this kind of meter, read from right to left.

The first dial must be read clockwise and the second dial, counter clockwise. Continue reading alternately. Reading starts from zero, being the biggest number. Dial one must make a full revolution before dial two can move one space. For easy recall, after reading the first dial, always get the smaller number of the succeeding dials. As in illustration above, dial one is 2 since meter is read clockwise and the needle directly points to number 2. Dial 2 is read 9 because it is read counter clockwise and the needle is just about to leave 9. Dial 3 is read 5 since it had not reach number 6 yet.

After reading your meter, though it was read from the right to the left, write the numbers from left to right. As illustrated above meter reading should be written 17592 instead of 29571. To determine your current usage deduct your meter reading from previous month reading indicated in your billing statement. Know which of your appliances, are the culprits to your high electric bills. Turn off some of your appliances and observe how your meter runs. In this way you could monitor your electric usage wisely and thus reducing your monthly electric bills.

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