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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Caveat World Wide Web Warriors

Are you scared of being rejected because you posses a face only your mother could loved? Are you desperate, you are using a body not yours to impress someone, despite your age? Your husband or wife is incapacitated to give you what you needed? You asked for monies because you are lazy to work. Or disguised as someone who owns a recruitment agency or you are in charge of an estate and you want someone’s banking info.

Come on kiddo. Try not to be a copycat and create a new version to get to your prey. I pity you for yours is short lived happiness. Just so you know computers are equipped with IP address and you could be traced later. And if you plan to create virus to make you famous maybe you would want to blow up your computer or your cell phone afterwards. These vermin are scammers beware of them.

_________________ To the Beautiful WWW Warriors

Do not fret there are still real souls you could trust over at WWW. Just be on the guard and not be overzealous giving your personal info unless you had known the person manning the keyboard at the chat room. World Wide Web is a real world. There are good and some are not so good guys disguised as Holy Man but are wolves looking for preys they could attract. Use your proper judgment folks and you will do fine.

______________________-- The Techniques

He will propose to marry you right at the very moment you had known each other at the chat room. He would tell you he is an American working in Nigeria but his English would give him away he is not an American. He would ask you to show yourself on the webcam but he would tell you webcams are not allowed in Nigeria. He would tell you he will visit you and will send you some gifts in advance. Later he would say the gifts are held by some custom officials and you need to send money to his friend in the country where the gifts are being held. You do not have to worry because he will pay you back when you see each other.

He owns a factory in a Middle East country and needed workers. Later he would ask for a placement fee. He is an American who is recently assigned in UK or Spain and in need of a helper. Later he would ask you for monies to process your papers.

You won a lottery he or she would like you to contact them but would need some of your info, like home address, telephone number and of course your bank account info for them to be able to send you the money. Or she is a widow who had inherited monies from deceased husband who had work in Africa and needed your help. She needed your bank account info so she could transfer the money to you and you two could split the money she had inherited

____--Believe me guys I had encountered all of them. So, be vigilant and be alert.

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