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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Princess Diary

I did some shopping for my Christmas presents last Saturday morning, 24th of October. It was nice to have the full attention of the sales people. I was at the mall as early as they had opened. I bought some items for my nephew, nieces and godchildren. I was tempted to go to the food court afterwards. But my conscience reminded me of my figure. I had always been an early shopper for Christmas every year. This year however, it seems there had been a lot to spend the money for. I am glad to share some small amount of monies for the flood victims. I considered myself among those who were blessed. My place was spared from the wrath of nature.

The following day, I visited my father at the memorial park where he was laid to rest to pay the caretaker I had assigned to look after his place. I would also want to oversee if his place is taken care of, ready for the feast of All Souls Day.

Filipinos have close family ties. The yearly observance of All Souls Day had been a tradition and had been observed several years back. Families would visit their departed loved ones as early as the last week of October towards the 2nd of November. On the eve of the 31st of October family members would bring food to be partaken by everyone who visited their departed loved ones. However, due to the overwhelming observance of the occasion some had forgotten the solemnity of the occasion. Most private memorial parks had been strict about what to bring inside the memorial park to avoid possible accidents in the observance of the occasion.

I did not stay very long inside the memorial park. When it was time to go home, I decided to walk instead of getting a ride from my father’s place to the gate of the memorial park. It was almost four pm but the sun was still at its hottest. Thanks to my hard working umbrella I reached the gate on foot several yards away from where I started. I bought a bottle of Gatorade at a nearby 7 Eleven store before I boarded a taxi going home. I was exhausted when I got home due to heat. After the shower and supper I had a sound sleep for seven hours. It was a long way to sleep. I never had such much number of hours of sleep for months.

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Hey, Jolly so that makes you too busy these days, huh? Nice post though. I guess you need more exercise then.

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