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Friday, April 09, 2010

Breaking the Silence

I refrain to recognize a negative vibe but this week is not a very good week for me. Monday evening I was awaken by text message to my cell phone. It was from the wife of my youngest brother advising me my brother accidentally slid while walking and injured his leg. He underwent MRI as recommended by his doctor to determine there is no major cause for alarm about his health. He had hematoma and his swollen thigh did not allow him to walk without crutches. I admire myself for replying to all text message half awake. I work at night sleep late in the morning, until afternoon.

Thankful enough the following day I was advised by my sister in law there is no major damage. Some of blood vessels were ruptured but they will be held as the body undergoes healing. I thought that was a breather. Until, I received another text message from my other sister in law the wife of my brother next to me. Accordingly, my eighty year old mother slipped inside the bathroom trying to get her towel. Mother has the habit of reaching something with stretched arms. I guess she was outbalanced and slipped hurtling her shoulder. I was not informed clearly whether it was her right or left shoulder.

I almost curse upon learning all these petty oversights. I thought the accidents could have been prevented had they been careful enough with their movements. I reported for work sleeping only for three hours getting all text messages for the updates. I had migraine at work, took aspirin, had stomach upset while my fingers struggled navigating the new computer system. Worst, last night I was late reporting for work for twenty minutes. Our scheduler changed my schedule for Wednesday by an hour early. Was it my oversight? Maybe, but I know I looked at my schedule last Friday and I knew I have same work schedule for the whole week.

Maybe I was just carried away. They are my family. I learned a lesson for myself, too. Never lose my composure and find a way to relax to unclog my brain with negative vibrations. There maybe more to come, I rationalized. But something good will happen, at the end.


ravali said...

ooopsy.....many things!!!
yep it happens....

sudhi said...

my gud wishes for ur brother......

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