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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another Lovely Day

Just as the lovely day is starting, while some ladies are running their fingers on their wet long hair at the bus top waiting to get a ride to get to their respective offices. Some gentlemen busied themselves on their cell phone sending text messages. My day ends or should I say my night at work ends. Thanks goodness my schedule for the week is not too early. By the time I am done with my documentations on every call I received. There are already some fast foods open. The coffee at Starbucks is so tempting but I would go for McDonald coffee with matching pancakes. At least my coffee has a partner already, than merely just plain coffee. Another choice I could go is our local Jollibee, the McDonalds rival. Another alternative is my favorite bakeshop Red Ribbon.

It is not that I do not trust taxi drivers when they flagged down their taxi meter for the fare. I would rather take a jeep going to work and coming home. Not only taking jeeps ride are economical. The most important thing is my seatmate could wake me up should I fall asleep. Ever tried sleeping with poise? I would say I have the talent. I could sleep with my head erect. It is not a sound way of sleeping I could say. The nap enables me to get rested in a span of few minutes. Thanks to the expertise of our jeep drivers. They could maneuver well despite their being busy accepting passengers fare. Their eyes focused in all directions. Philippines jeep drivers are well trained for multi tasking.

Philippines being a tropical country like some of our Asian neighbors have only two seasons, summer and rainy seasons. Depending on where you are located, the temperature could vary in the whole archipelago. In Manila, our summer months are characterized by intense heath. Except what happened last September 2009 when typhoon Ondoy visited Manila, our rainy reason is moderate. I had lived in Manila for several years. It was the first time I experienced such a huge and devastating flood. Allow me to mention my unwavering gratitude to my hardworking umbrella. It shields me from the rays of the sun coming home from work. I felt sorry for derma clinics. My umbrella makes them a bit poorer.

I am home after about twenty minutes of travel time. It is nice to take shower to cool off before going to bed. My computer is waiting patiently as I get to my room, my favorite place. It is nice to smile reading posts of my fellow bloggers. My day is not complete without the World Wide Web. It is time for bed despite the summer heath. Leave no roam for worries. The day may not be perfect but thanks for another day of learning. Life is sometimes odd life at times may not be fair. I just have to count my blessings, and say. Life is beautiful, after all.



Christian/Lyn said...

Hello Ms. Jolly! Got me remembering and missed my work! I have been a bank teller for five years and I miss riding the mrt and rushing to the bank with clients waiting for me always with a smile. Tellers are front liners so having a smile is a requirement but i do it just to boost myself for a busy day. And on Ondoy it was really terrible my husband walked from his office traffic and water is everywhere. He has to walk with flood as high on his knees thank God it is quite a short walk to our home! At the end of the day it is always good to smile and thank God what ever happened for that day and ponder on the cherish moments we have made to make people cheerful! Don't stop smiling ms. Jolly -lyn-

Jill Wellington said...

I love reading about life in other countries. Very interesting to hear about the floods which I heard about on the news. And to read Lyn's input.

Also interesting to read about your two seasons. I imagine it is very hot in the summer.

I also like to end the day at my computer. So many friendly people on Bloggers from all over the world. Thanks, Jolly!

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