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Thursday, May 06, 2010

To A Graduate


To my one and only nephew on his college graduation day, May 6!

I am so happy for him for finally realizing education plays important role if he wanted to have a good job in the future. I have high hopes for his success in whatever line of work he may choose. Be it as business entrepreneur or being employed. For the time being, since he does not have money to start a business. I have to say he gets employed first. There are pros and cons in starting a business. It is good to have a back up for additional capital when the need arises.

As I boy, I recalled the two of us being good buddies. When he was five years old he would sleep beside me whenever I would visit them in their house. I had brushes waking up in the morning. He would bump me with his knees and elbows. I never thought a boy of five years old is so strong! I would go up at the second level of the double deck bed we were sleeping. To my surprise, we would climb up too and I am back to my agony. I can never leave and be backed home without playing with him with his favorite toys, Ninja Turtles.

Time flies too fast. The kids I used to play with had grown and now young adults. Being busy I had forgotten I also added years in my age as they grew older too. I am not conscious of how I look, unless I look closely at the mirror. Anyhow, I am lucky to have good skin. I can still, lie about my age.


Christian/Lyn said...

Hi Ms. Jolly. This is Lyn Christian's wife. Yes time flies too fast indeed. I also remember graduating in college and now I have two kids a 5 yrs.old girl and and a 2 yrs.old son. A proud mom actually because my daughter is no.1 in her school. As what they said Ms. Jolly kalabaw lang ang tumatanda! As long as you are happy there will always be a child in us! Keep posting.

ravali said...

well congrats for that!!!
hey missed you for a week i think!!!

jaruwan said...

Nice articles,i enjoy to readts.

Arindam said...

Many congratulations to you and your nephew!!!

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