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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano, also known as Mount Mayon, is the main landmark of Albay Province. Mount Mayon is situated 15 kilometres northwest of Legazpi City, Region 5, in Southern Luzon, Philippines. Legazpi City is around 300 kilometers from Manila. Considered as the worlds’ perfect cone, Mount Mayon had always been a boost to tourism in the region. To be counted as you had visited the place, you have to have a photo taken with Mayon as your background.

Mount Mayon is an active volcano. Around every ten years it would have its volcanic eruption. Thanks to the modern technology. The damage caused by its eruption could be minimal compared in the earlier years. The latest volcanic activity was Dec. 2009. Despite Mount Mayon’s wrath, spewing volcanic lava and hail of huge boulders in days or weeks of its eruption. Living around Mount Mayon is haven to most farmers. The fertile soil makes it easier for them to grow their crops.

Abaca is one of the famous plants that grow abundantly around the areas surrounding Mayon Volcano. This plant is a source of income to many farmers. This soft bodied plants akin to banana plants produced fibers. Many industrial products and handicrafts could be made out of these fibers. To name some, are ropes, hammock, slippers, bags, flower base, decors and many more. The only limit to create something out of abaca fibers is your imagination.

Care for an adventure? Start packing your bag. Go ahead and hike with your friends. Tourist guides are very much willing to bring you to how far you could go. Tip. - Have your hiking be booked not in the later part of the year. That is already a rainy season in the region. The fog would prevent you from seeing the worlds’ perfect cone.


Ryan said...

This is the first active volcano I have seen with such a sharp peak, Not sure if I would be happy living in it's shadow though.

Jill Wellington said...

You have been very busy posting did I miss so many?? I'm so busy so far this summer, but love to stop by my favorite people's blogs!

Wow...volcanos are interesting, but I agree with Ryan...I wouldn't want to live below one.

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