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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Vacation

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines but I am happy to be off from work comes the 25th and 26th. Yes, some of us were allowed to go on vacation leave because we are expecting less call by then.  Our team captain approached me if I want to go and vacation and he got a positive reply from me. It is not that easy for us to go on vacation leave. I am happy for being given the opportunity to have a rest day along with some of my officemates.

The vacation leave is just the right timing. I have cold this time. Although manageable because of the cold medicines I am taking. It will give me time to rest and sleep with gusto. I seldom get sick but when I do. I would like to rest for fear I might end up in a hospital. We do have hospitalization benefit but being at the hospital makes me sicker. Why? It is because I am unable to rest being at the close watch of a nurse, getting my temperature every now and then. In line with duty, a nurse has to write something on the clipboard for the doc to see the progress of the patient. If the hospital has a nursing school, pray that a throng will not come inside your room to ask you how many times had you visited the toilet. Oh, no please do not get me wrong. I have nothing against the nursing profession. Nurses are doing a noble job. I am just saying I am not comfortable being at the hospital, okies? Likewise, please do not be alarmed I am alright.

To some of my American friends who are to celebrate Thanksgiving, please take it easy on the drinks. After Thanksgiving there will be Christmas to spend your precious dollars with your godchildren. 


Stephaine said...

but did you ever wonder about the thanks giving turkey?? hehehe wonder how does it taste.. hehehe the turkey sound like its a big deal to some so I really wonder how does it taste..

Cheqna said...


get well soon and have a good break!


Denver Painters said...

Get Well Soon Jolly Princess! Have restful time off too! Your Blogger Friend~ Cal

Stephaine said...

came back to check of you have a new post and feeling al right... hope your feeling just fine..
happy thanks giving even if you are not feeling so well..

Jill Wellington said...

Awww..a cold on your vacation! I wish I could bring you some turkey soup...made from leftovers from our Thanksgiving. Stephaine, the turkey is never that good..I like the mashed potatoes, corn casserole, and stuffing...ha ha!!

Country Mouse Studio said...

I agree, turkey is kind of like a really strong chicken and not so good.
Hope you have a good rest and get better soon, I agree with you about hospitals you don't get much rest.

Jolly Princess said...

@Stephaine- I have not tasted a turkey yet. I could not tell. Our friend Jill has the answer. :)Cheqna- Thank you friend. I am alright no worries.:)@Denver Painters- Welcome to my blog. Thanks you so much!:)

Jolly Princess said...

@Jill Wellington- Happy Thanksgiving! I would love the turkey soup. Love that mashed potatoes you posted in your blog. Thanks for letting us know how the turkey tasted.:)@Country Mouse Studio- Right, if I can still move I do not want to stay in a hospital.:)

Michael Clyde said...

Hope you are feeling better. Always feels like such a bummer to get sick during time off.

Jolly Princess said...

@Michael Clyde- I guess it is just the right timing to get sick. At least I am off from work. I really do not want to use my sick leave not because I want to boast I got good health. It is because our unused sick leaves are convertible to cash. On the contrary unused vacation leaves are forfeited. Welcome abroad! :)

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