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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Mission Accomplished

We broke the tradition of opening the Christmas presents at Christmas Eve. At this time, when Manila is jammed with people, when roads are not travel friendly. It is nice to be seated inside a car with someone driving for me. I felt like I am a real princess. I was with my youngest brother and his family yesterday.  It was my youngest brother on the wheels for the three of us. The princesses are me, my sister in law and their precious daughter. My brother feels awkward to let my sis in law drives, despite her good driving skills. I am of course saved from the stressful traffic jammed driving. What a great excuse from someone who does not know how to maneuver the wheels!

My sis in law and my niece came to Manila around middle of Dec after their brief New York visit. My brother came from Singapore last 22nd of Dec. It was our parents Wedding Anniversary, 22nd of Dec. After a day rest and I guess after sorting out their Christmas presents for us.  My brother invited me to go with them to visit our parents at the Memorial Park in Novaliches Quezon City. I was kidding my companies our old folks are probably happily dancing tango in heaven on their Wedding Anniversary. Tango is the favorite dance of our parents. He headed to Sta. Rosa City in Laguna, Southern part of Manila after the brief visit. We were visitors of an older brother and his family. Our mission was overwhelmingly successful. Helpless gift wrappers piled on top of each. Empty plates and glasses with remnants of food particles were left to dry on top of the table. They became the mute witness of a happy get together.

The happiest guy is my nephew. My youngest bro bought a laptop in Singapore for him. My nephew will pay for his computer in twelve months without interest. He surely knows what to buy with his hard earned monies. His cousins from our side and the side of his mom were benefited with Ang Pao envelope with few pesos in them as his cash gifts. The young lad believes in giving as the true essence of Christmas. In return for his generosity, my nephew received a laptop backpack bag for his precious laptop from my youngest brother. A Christmas present I believed my nephew had never expected. I was home at around 10pm. Exhausted from lack of sleep, as I still had work Wednesday night, but happy for the events of the day. )


sudhi said...

MARRY CHRISTMAS Ms.JOLLY !!! hope u r enjoying it!!!!

Multibrand said...

Hi JP,

I am glad to know that you and
your relatives are very happy
during Christmas, among others
by exchanging gifts and Ang Pao.

Reading your blog is like taking a break from all the heavy and serious things on my blog. That's why I enjoy coming here.

Jolly Princess said...

@sudhi- MERRY CHRISTMAS, Sudhi. I enjoyed the Holiday with my family. @Multibrand- Thanks Harry, you made me smile with your comment. The youngest of my nieces is 11 years old. However the older ones still love to receive their presents. Like when they were still a lot younger.

audrinajulia said...

Hello! Merry Christmas! Been miss you writing your post for a while. Maybe you've been busy this past few days. Anyway have a great year ahead. God bless!

reanaclaire said...

Hi.. Merry Christmas to you!! Hope you can drop me an email.. I like to share some writing reviews with you.. thanks!


Cheqna said...

Hi JP,

hope u have had a great day and good times with your family!


Jolly Princess said...

@audrinajulia- Hello, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Yes, and busy with work and the Christmas Holiday made me a lot busy. @reanaclaire - Hi, MERRY CHRISTMAS! My blog is just a hobby. I may not be interested in writing reviews.@Cheqna- It is so sweet of you. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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