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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Thank you 2010 Welcome 2011

I had not been feeling well this past week for the reason my allergy came back. I still reported for work though. I had runny nose followed by dry cough again, after Christmas celebration. Working in a fully air conditioned office at night is a total discomfort. I am glad a mute button on telephone was invented. At least it saves me from being rude, should I accidentally cough with a customer on the other end of the phone line. I got lucky, somehow. I was granted vacation leave on New Years Eve. I got calls from my two sis in laws if I want to spend New Year with them. I declined the invitation politely. I do not want them to nurse me while in front of the table with the kids around. My nun landladies went out of town for their yearly meeting. I have the whole big house to myself.

At twelve midnight I heard the blowing of horns, firecrackers and sounds of pyrotechnics. I was tempted to go up to the third floor of the house where we hang our clothes to dry, to witness the joyful celebration. But, changed my mind went against my first idea. The reason, the more I will fuel my allergic cough. I busied myself with replying to the SMS some friends are forwarding to my cell phone. With all the noise outside I tried to sleep. The antihistamine cough syrup helped. I rested all night unmindful of the interment sounds of firecrackers from some neighbors who are willing to burn their monies. In the morning I went out to buy bread and sachet of instant coffee feeling much better. And… ready to welcome the start of a new morning of a great year 2011.



Dai Ning Li said...

It was my "happy asthma day" too last night. But then I honestly enjoyed watching the fantastic glows in the sky while inside my room.

Get well Ms Jolly. Happy New Year!

Multibrand said...

Hi JP,

This is my first visit to your interesting in the year 2011.
Hopefully 2011 would be much better than 2010.
God Bless you my friend.

Jolly Princess said...

@Dai Ning Li- HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am sorry to learn about the asthma. I do hope you are better now. @Multibrand- HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for the good wishes, Harry.:)

Ryan said...

Have a happy new year JP, you deserve it.

Jolly Princess said...

@Ryan.. Happy New Year! I thought your absence from WWW was because you were helping Santa saddle Rudolf to deliver tons of presents. Glad you are back to the blogging world. :)

Anonymous said...


I'm here for the 1st time and
must admit that I like the cheery layout of your blog :)

Btw..customer service is a tough..
tough job. I know someone who has
worked in this line before. She said that "politics" are aplenty
aside from having to deal with
demanding clients. I must say that
those who survive this career must
be applauded for their endurance :)

Happy New Year & God bless
Cheers from a neighbouring country

Salesman Jogja said...


Jolly Princess said...

@Bear Wife & @Salesman Jogja - Welcome aboard!HAPPY NEW YEAR!:) Yes, Bear Wife those in the BPO industries are one of the most abused employees. I hope our government will do something to improve employees benefit.

sudhi said...

I wish u a happy and prosperous new year!!

situsonline said...

happy new year mis....i love you full.xiixixi

Jill Wellington said...

Aww, I hope you are feeling better. It would be very hard to talk on the phone for work while coughing! I wish I could have snuck up on your roof to see people ringing in the New Year!

Jolly Princess said...

@sudhi & @situsonline - HAPPY NEW YEAR!Wishing YOU and your LOVE ONES, ALL the BEST in 2011!♥ @ill Wellington- Thanks friend. I am feeling much better now. I just needed rest. ^_^

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