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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Colorful Plates

Being healthy is a must when you work in a call center.  Although we are entitled to hospitalization benefits, being absent from work caused discomfort to our team mates.  They may be required to take overtime to cover the board hours.

Aside from taking my regular food supplement. I make sure I take care of my diet too. Despite being tired and sleepy getting home from work, I take time I cook lunch. Lunch during working days, are rice, vegetables and fish. I eat meat at least twice a week for protein.  Fruits and juices for me work as alternative to coffee.  I make sure also I have time for exercise.  I constantly do a walking exercise.  Let me share with you my colorful plates. 
Fried rice and pan fried kamote tops and lady finger,
with tuna flakes.
Tofu and cabage

Assorted vegetables

Calamasi juice 

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