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Monday, October 12, 2009

Reaching Out

Thank you beautiful people of the world. To those who prayed and shared what you have to our countrymen who were greatly affected by typhoons and flashed floods. To all Filipinos within the country and abroad who extended their helping-hand, your labor is not in vain. I know your families needed your hard earned monies but you nevertheless reached out to our fellow Filipinos in the best way you can. God Bless everyone!

Eyes are for crying. I recall this statement whenever I would tease my niece when we used to play in those days she was two years old. I could imagine so many eyes full of tears, mixed with rain waters when typhoon Ondoy visited the National Capital Region of the Philippines, Manila and other nearby cities. I could imagine a mother agonizingly waiting inside the bus to get home to be with her children. I could not measure a father’s woe that preferred to walk and left his driven car to get home to his family. The vehicles being stuck in traffic jam due to flashed flood. The inevitable happened September 26, 2009. Unexpected rainfall for almost a week caused low lying areas of the Metropolis to be submerged in water. As many were stranded on the freeway trying to get home, some of their loved ones were on rooftops of their houses crying for help.

Radios and television networks frantically broadcasted to pinpoint locations greatly affected by the quick rising waters to aid rescuers. Some braved souls equipped with floaters joined the rescue to save loved ones and neighbors. Without letup and unmindful of their own safety they were determined to save lives. I salute the great Filipino men and women for the uplifting spirit you displayed in times of crisis. And ... for saving lives and encouragements .

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