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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

You Made Me Smile

Phew! I thought I will be missing my friends in Blogged. I thought the website deleted my profile. I tried to login yesterday but I could not do it. The website was prompting I am restricted from them. Coming home from work this morning I checked on my e-mail. A habit I always do to verify if someone bothered to keep in touch. I was so happy to find out my blog submission was approved by Blogged. Meaning the site was having an update that time I was desperately trying to login. I am elated to learn as well, they got me a good rating for my blog. They inspired me as a blogger.

Being a blogger I enjoy exchanging views with my fellow bloggers through chats and forums. I get to know their sentiments about life, relationship or anything under the sun. Not to mention I kept myself abreast with what is happening around the world. I would admit there are times I do not want to look at the news whenever I would log online. But yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL and other websites presented the news in such a way it would be interesting to read. Due to the nature of my work I seldom watch news on television because of time constraints. I intentional did not subscribe to cable for my television. I do not have time to watch, anyway. Internet news is great for busy people.

Posting comments is another thing. I read some of them to learn the opinions of my fellow internet geek. Well, not really a geek, I supposed. Let us say internet aficionados. Better description, right? I could not imagine myself being busy at work and being unable to be in the know of what is happening around my turf and around the world. Were you the one who invented WWW? Come closer, you deserve a kiss from me.

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NENSA MOON said...

Hi Jolly,

Congratulations , my friend....!
Your blog was excelent and're true worth....
Thanks for being with us...
I have a special gift/award for you on our blog 'THE NOTE'.
Hopefully you would enjoy....

warmest regards,
Nensa Moon

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