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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Congratulate Yourself

When was the last time you congratulated yourself for a job well done? Let me guess. You actually failed to do so because it is part of your duty. Your brain is too busy to mind. You would rather concentrate on the more productive side. That is, gathering more achievements, more monies. Without you knowing someone in some ways reaped the fruits of your hard work. They are grateful to you but could not let you know directly. Let me rephrase my question. How do you feel when unexpectedly someone would congratulate you for a job well done? 
My star and a present from a friend :)
I am elated getting congratulatory words from my bosses last night reporting for work after a day of vacation. On the monitor of the computer I am using, a star was inserted with my name written on it. The star had short congratulatory notes from our Senior Manager and Office Manager. According to an officemate, a customer gave me the highest score for customer satisfaction (CSAT). Our client assigns someone to randomly call some of our customers. Asked the customers to rate the customer care representative (CCR) and his/her experience during the call. I am so happy to get a star. Actually this is not the first time I received a direct commendation from customers. I just ignored them until I started to get marked down on my quality assurance (QA) scores.

Our quality assurance people had been marking me down stating my customers are dissatisfied (DSAT) with me. I should have gotten a high score in the month of June had it not been for the DSAT marked down. I reasoned out to our team captain the reason for the DSAT and for the customer to be irate is not the way I handled the call but due to company policies. It looks like also, these QA guys had been marking me on the same call scenarios. Now, I know direct from some customers I am good. I did not get reward folks, out of the CSAT high score from a customer. The feeling of being appreciated is already a good reward for me. I told you. I am shallow.
“Make a person happy each day, even if, it is yourself.”


ravali said...

congrats jolly iam happy for you!!

Ryan said...

Well done JP but this news comes as no surprise to me, you are a person with a warm and helpful personality. Keep up the good work.

Nur said...

I'm also very happy while reading this post! To continuously achieve something is just the continuation of our quest for perfection! Congratulations!

NENSA MOON said...

Congratulations JP, for your great work!!
You also must congratulate to yourself for everything you done along this time...
I know sometimes the reward isn't the point to honour our work...
Just keep up the good work ..ok

take care!!

Jolly Princess said...

Thanks for the blog visit and the nicest comments guys and gals. Appreciate them much! Mwahh! :)

Jill Wellington said...

Gosh, Jolly...I had a little tear reading this because such a simple gesture and note of appreciation means SO MUCH! Yes...the world is brighter because YOU are in it!!!

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