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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Let Them Hear You Smile

Being a customer care representative (CCR) in a Call Center, your best asset is your voice. I am not saying you need to have a well modulated voice. I agree, not all of us are gifted with a voice that could qualify for a disc jockey. In simple words, let the caller or the listener on the other end of the line feels welcome. That is by giving the best tone of your voice. Apologizing to customer for making them inconvenience only becomes meritorious if the CCR has the proper tone of the voice. The tone of the voice must suggest or gives a good impression to the listener that sincerity is well conveyed. 

Can they hear you smile?
I had written about my not so good experience with my internet provider in my earlier post. I had disconnects of service for several months at no fault of my own. I tediously waited on the long queue to get a tech support to attend to my concern.  Despite the long wait. I did not let up calling. I never changed my provider. My main reason, there is someone on the other line who is willing to listen anytime of the day I would call. The person may not be competent enough to resolve my concern at the time of my call. The sincerity of the voice of the person on the other line is enough to convince me. I will get my concern resolved soon.

Customers are calling not merely to complain but to verify if they are welcome by the company they do business with. I know how difficult it is to be the front liner of the company we are working for. Listening to the same mantra may not be very pleasant to hear. However, think about if you are the  one calling and the person on the other line sounds so unfriendly. Your possible reaction the next time you call is to sever your tie with the company. Look for another one you feel comfortable dealing with. And, you feel welcome, whenever you have concerns to be taken care of.

“Everyday can be great, because anybody can serve. You do not have to have a college degree to serve. You do not have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart and full of grace. A soul generated by love ♥ ”
Martin Luther King Jr.


Janz said...

True, whenever I call customer support/service, I like to hear someone with a friendly voice, even if he or she may not help you completely, but the thought that he or she has a friendly voice and is trying patiently to talk to you and help you out, it's enough for me to feel satisfied. When it comes to rating them, I really give good feedbacks. Like when I had my internet cut off for 2 weeks, I kept calling customer service. I knew they were trying to help me out. Even if that time, there was nothing they could do to restore my internet, the friendliness and the willingness of them to help me out, it's enough for me to be satisfied and just wait for that 2 week duration till I get my internet back.

Ryan said...

A friendly and helpful voice can make a huge difference when doing business over the telephone, if I heard a rep of a company with a disinterested or unhelpful manner then I'm afraid I would probably hang up and look for an alternative company.

Jean said...

It is clear that you truly understand what it takes to be great at dealing with customers. No wonder you were given a Star!
Love your blog. I shall return.:)

Out on the prairie said...

We often forget about the many people who make our lives simple. Sometimes they are having a tough day just as you can and we all need to thank all who help us in our lives. When I am in a store and see a name pin, I thank them by their name to make them understand their job was essential to my life.Nice to have you on board at my blog!

Jolly Princess said...

Welcome aboard Jean and Out on the prairie! :) Thanks for gracing my blog with your lovely comments and your Shout Mix messages. Hugs!

sexylegsandbody said...

I fully agree with you Princess, and friendly voice can change everything.

Thanks for dropping a line on my last post, I really and truly appreciate your input.

Hope your week will be filled with joy and happiness.


Jill Wellington said...

Jolly...this is SO TRUE!! If only more people would realize this, our world would be so much kinder and happier! I LOVED seeing the pic of YOU at work! I know you are one of the NICE ones!

NENSA MOON said...

You're absolutely right, JP!!
I've an experience... a sales-man came to me offering some of electronic products, Im intersted in and intend to buy one of them.
A couple days later, I tried calling the company where the sales-man worked, but the voice on the other line was really without further thought I immediately canceled my desire to buy the stuff.

Thanks for the nice post.
Love to see your picture, JP... make me feel more closed to you..
take care.

Kimmy said...

Attitude means everything..and a soft voice can soothe even the most hideous of customers.
It has been years but I once worked as a CCR as well and it can be quite daunting but those calling in to receive service deserve a competent individual who is sincere and helpful.
Informative post JP, cheers!

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