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Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Got My Voice Back

My breakfast today. Cereal, graham crackers, pineapple tidbits and grapes.
I added milk and it tasted yummy!:)
After two days of nursing my voice with ginger and hot tea with lemon. I was back to work last Thursday. My team captain instead of charging my two days absences to sick leave had me on furlough. The two days will be charged to my vacation leave within the month. The company allows us six days sick leave a year. 

If we do not use the sick leave, we received the cash equivalent of six days or whatever remains of our sick leave comes February of the succeeding year. We, employees had been bombarding management to convert to cash at least six days of our vacation leave in addition to the six days sick leave.  In this way employees would be encouraged to report to work.  Management could not decide yet. That is one thing with big companies. They have to reconsider budget, and all.

Friday and Saturday are my day off. As I had been used to, I would sleep soon as I come home from work then wakes up early morning. I do my laundry, house cleaning and other household chores upon getting up. My niece is not sensitive about the humming sound of my washing machine so it works just fine for both of us. My nephew works at night like me. Lady luck has not smiled on my niece yet. The job she wanted to have is quite illusive. She had some job interviews but still on waiting list. 

My niece is talented and graduated from an exclusive school. In contrast, my nephew graduated from a regular school like me. It took him to finish six years his four years college course. Now, my nephew has a well paying job for over a year. He is to go to London for two weeks training first week of March this year. Twist of fate, huh? It is good my niece has the right attitude. She has the patience to wait for the right job for her.

Although I still have coughs and my voice is not back to original. If a raise my voice I still could feel I could not do it. So, no singing inside the bathroom yet, I am happy I am back to work. Appreciate your comments folks. Thank you for all the good wishes.  :)


Jean said...

Glad you got your voice back using natural means!
I am happy that you and your niece and nephew doing well!
Hugs back my friend...:)

✿Sie✿ said...

I'm glad you have your voice back Ms.Jolly..get well soon and have enough rest *hugs* ;)

Jolly Princess said...

@Jean- Yes, I am happy I am back to work too. Hug you back my friend. ✿Sie✿- Thank you for the good wishes my friend.:)

Clai Estabillo said...

yay~! golden voice is back!

i always learn something during my visit to your lovely blog ms. jolly
i am waiting for a perfect job very patient about it..

Cheqna said...

hi JP,

Glad that you are on the road to recovery, hope you'll be really well at the moment, curb that singing..hehe

Hope your niece will get a good job soon.


Jolly Princess said...

@Clai Estabillo- Yes my precious voice is back.:)@Cheqna- I will leave the singing career to the gifted. (lol) Thanks for the good wishes.

sm said...

good that you got your voice back.
ginger tea helps.

Country Mouse Studio said...

How great you're better! Take care and stay well.

Jolly Princess said...

@sm -Yes, ginger had helped a lot in restoring my voice. Thanks for the tip about ginger tea. @Country Mouse Studio- Thank you. I will stay well..

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