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Monday, March 26, 2012

Not My Day

Tough day today folks...I encountered a very rude lady Chinese customer during my work shift. Her phone has no dial tone. From the onset of the call she was already yelling. What I did not like about her is aside from venting her anger on me for the supposedly ineptness of the company she had criticized me personally. She said she does not understand my English!!&%#$&!! I am almost tempted to say. Look who is talking?!!! What about the fai, fai telo, telo? (Five, five zero, zero) My office mates noticed I changed my color from my fair complexion to red complexion. My bad, it is not my day today. 

No offense to some Chinese guys and gals reading my blog. I do not mean all Chinese, just that lady Chinese I spoke with during my work shift. When I accepted the job in the current account I am working with. I was advised Canadians are five times nicer than my previous account. I agree Canadians are very professional people. The things is, there are too many settlers in Canada. Some customers I encountered rude in most of my work shifts are Chinese, those from India and my fellow Filipinos. Holy cow! I am also an Asian. But I know where to put my feet on the ground.

As front line agent, I was not put in front of the computer without proper training. Every Nationality has his own unique accent. Oh, I am just venting folks. I guess... it is time for a cup of coffee.  Anyone wants a cup? Tim Horton? Stabucks? Or Batangas coffee? :)


Luke Regler said...

Hi JP, there is always someone who will try to ruin your day no matter what you do or how you do it. When I used to receive calls from angry customers I used to put the phone on the desk and walk about and then come back and say 'I'm sorry, could you repeat that', that used to make it worse and make me smile!!! I don't miss those kind of calls. However coffee is a good way of calming down as is blogging

Dai Ning Li said...

I just shared what you wrote here to my colleagues and everyone was bursting in laughter with that FAI FAI TELO TELO thing! Hahaha!!!

Should you again encounter one, I mean hope not so, maybe tell her to just speak her tongue when mentioning numbers. I'll guide you along :D The first thing I learned from my Chinese class is counting numbers. Hahaha

Cool it dear!

Jolly Princess said...

@Luke Regler - Thank you Luke. Glad to see your smiling face again my friend. You know exactly when to make me smile. I guess your caller might think he is talking to an IVR when you say, I am sorry could you repeat that. (lol):) @ Dai Ning Li Hahaha! Love you girl. Thanks for the blog comment I am smiling now.

Cheqna said...

if you are near me, I'd have join you for coffee..hehe

One bad one as compared to many2 more nicer ones..hehe..but I know the feeling..its frustrating actually when you come across people who are simply rude.

Jolly Princess said...

@Cheqna - Yup, I know you love coffee like me. :) Right, there are many good fishes in the ocean. I guess I was not very lucky that day. I got a very irate customer. I am thinking too, she might have used her emotion to get what she wanted. No, I was not threatened. I still had to go with the company policy.

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