Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Time Piece for Eight Years

Yes, folks I received this time piece last Oct 11 for being with the company for eight years. Not just me, there are several of us. For those who had been with the company for ten years they received more expensive rewards and their framed photos decorated our heroes’ wall. 

What is in it to be working eight years with same company? Well, I take pride being among the pioneers. I get to see the company metamorphosed to several offices in the metropolis. I remember listening to twelve noon news over the radio eight years back, the company was hiring employees.  Without a hint on how call center operates, I decided to apply.  I was a life insurance underwriter for so long after I resigned as a Credit and Collection Supervisor for a Swedish company.  When I arrived at the lobby of my prospect company, the Filipino Barong clad security guard told me to fill out an application form and I need to take the exam.  I said I will come back later.

I came back after a week, successfully passed the exam for English. I was told to come back at one in the afternoon.  I had series of interviews. I am glad I had eaten a good lunch. My last interview was at two in the morning. I was told to come back two days after I passed the last interview for contract signing. I was a bit disoriented on my way home that day. I guess due to full blast air conditioning system inside the office, excitement for being hired, and my nervousness on how to pass the interviews.  Geez, I had never spoken the English language continuously for several hours. 

My first few days at the training were a challenge. I had to visit my insurance clients at day time. I had to attend the training at night. Finally, I decided I cannot serve two masters at a time. I let go my insurance selling after I received my first pay slip on my fifteen days of training. I was assigned to an electric provider in the United States handling all types of calls from enrollment to billing after my training. I became part of escalation team after few years with the American company. After five years, the Americans pulled out their business from the company I am working with.

I was given another job as a tech support for telephone. After two years, I again trained as tech support for satellite television. A direct account of the company I am employed. Tech support is not an easy task. But I like the challenge while helping out customers.  One thing I like best about my work is overcoming my insomnia. I am a night owl my work suits my sleeping preference. Oh, there is more. I can avoid traffic jam during morning rush hours when everyone is running tight race to get to work or to school. Do I plan to stay for good with the same company? We will see. I am keeping my options open. For now, I am happy where I am working. 

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