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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Weekend nights are queuing nights which means we get more calls compared to working days. This is so, as most of us do not have work schedule on Saturday and Sunday. It is not only me I guess, but I noticed majority of my calls are unresolved customers issues.  I would receive these calls normally on Saturdays and Sundays. I reckon I had been with the company for so long it is probably why I used to get these types of call.

Folks, I work as a tech support for phone and satellite television.  Saturdays and Sundays are when most customers are home and have more time to stay on their telephones. It is not pleasant experience to get shouted at on the phone, but I never argue with customers. I will only be wasting time if I do, as they will not listen. In a way, I find some advantage on these types of call. I get to rest my throat as customers do the talking. Likewise, while I let them vent out I have time to check the history of their troubled services, find the best solution I could offer them.

Believe me folks, by time a customer is done giving me a lengthy lecture I was able to review their account.  Nope, I do not keep myself so quiet, a yes, right and short acknowledgment is enough to tell a customer I am listening.  At times if I need to type I would tell them I am doing a search, I need to type. While reviewing their accounts and accessing the relevant tools I will need, I would notice some improvements on our system.  Great! Our system is getting more user-friendly! Thank you to all awesome guys and gals who worked hard to lessen our burden in system navigation. 

I seldom get a commendation from customers but when a customer insisted on speaking with my supervisor I would gladly oblige. I notice when I get a commendation they are from customers who had called twice, or even for the third time. Mind you folks, there are calls I have exerted my best effort to solve the customers issues right at the time of the call. Callers are customers who are willing to participate and understand as we try to solve the trouble.

That is what happened to an elderly lady last Sunday. She had trouble on her satellite television. She thought it was her receiver not working. It was her third time calling us. I determined it was her remote control not working. When the remote did not respond, she kept pressing buttons, the input was changed. She changed batteries, called us again.  I received the call. We found out one of the batteries was inverted. She was a little nervous when I spoke with her. I made her relax, through her help we managed to get her satellite television going.

She is good at her age, and I commended her for helping me. My job is only to guide her on what to do. Her willingness to learn, understanding and participation made me did my job well. It is a pity she has no one in the house I could tell how good she has been.  I got lucky, I have a supervisor she spoke with at the time she was happy. It was of course to my credit. 

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