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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Pata Sinigang

Finally, I got a well cooked vegetables for my pata sinigang, Filipino pork leg stew.  Last Saturday I cooked pata sinigang. It is my niece day off, I got work. I normally prepare lunch or dinner with vegetables on my niece day off as I want her to eat vegetables of her choice.  Preparing vegetables takes time. I cleaned them all up without cutting Friday night, and stored in the ref.

I bought two big slices of pork pata from a meat shop close to my home after work, Saturday. I pressure cooked the sliced pata for about ten minutes soon as I got home.  

 I put the soup and vegetables in this double sided pan, salt and pepper corn, bring to boil. After five minutes, added pata slices and a sachet of sinigang mix for flavoring. I put the leafy veggies on top, closed the lid. Presto! Great tasting sinigang! Thank you to the gift giver of this pan, my cooking is made easy. 

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