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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Characteristics of Love

I read a book about relationship and I’d like to share these thoughts with you.

ACCEPTANCE ~ means you cherish the undeniable fact that both of you look at each other just as “you are” and are happy about it. . We all crave for acceptance. We want to be valued for the kind of individuals we are.

APPRECIATION ~ means you acknowledge the value of your partner’s personality, inspiring you to give back to him or her fully. Being appreciative also shows that you focus on the person’s positive aspects.

CARE ~ means that you becom
e responsible to the needs of your special someone making the person feel secure and protected.~

RESPECT ~ means you understand that every person, is unique human being with a personality that’s his or hers alone. ~

TRUST ~ means you put your full confidence on him or her. You see the positive qualities of your loved one’s character. ~

UNDERSTANDING ~ means you are able to see the world through your partner’s eyes. It enables you to be open to a feeling, situation, statement or attitude. You also avoid ignoring him or her because of what he or she thinks, says or does. ~

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