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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tickle Me :)

Here are some jokes for your funny bone. Keep smiling!

Ch☻☻se the best answer

What can happen if you laugh so hard?
* a locked jaw
* you gonna get colic
* spit out your false teeth
* throw a spittle to the person nearest you

Why do people laugh?
* They saw your face!
* They've got tickles in their bodies
* They saw a clown slipped and tumbled on his face

Why do you believe humor is therapeutic?
*You save time and monies for a shrink
*It makes you roll on the floor laughing
*You forget about your grumpy boss for a while

Why is a clown dressed so funny?
* So people won't laugh at his real face, instead
* It is a good cover for his lack of humorous talent
* Neighbors won't recognize him, had he owes them any single cent

Why do you think a genie should be inside a lamp?
* In a sack cloth it could crumple his suit
* In a tin can, he is dangerous to stray dogs
* In a paper bag, he could be mistaken as left over food
* In a bottle jar, he could be mistaken a preserved fruit

How do you distinguish a smile from a laugh?
* Smile makes you sweet, laugh makes you sweat
* In a smile 'you say cheese', in a laugh 'you spit out the cheese
* A smile makes you cute a laugh triggers that nasty bubble from your nose
* In a sudden smile you are treated with dignity, in a sudden laugh, you are crazy

Smile… It cost you nothing, it makes you cute.


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Johnny R. said...

Humorous, tricky and very funny but sounds ambigious and a bit weird - keep smiling though!!!
Johnny R.

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