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Friday, January 11, 2008

Friendship @ World Wide Web

It is quite interesting that our present era had been invaded by the so called modern technology. The foremost technological advancement being that of computers had been given much accolade. Although to a number of few dissatisfied observers and some business minded entrepreneurs, the paradigm shift had suppressed the viability of other technological inventions we had been mostly acquainted to, in the past.

Computers had gain popularity over so many fields. Outdating and even dislodging products and services that had been available for quite sometimes. One important aspect I can pinpoint is that of communications. Now-a-days, in just a matter of minutes, our communications are done, anywhere in the globe, through the Word Wide Web. In contrast with the use of post, by the “snail mail” process using pen and paper. In conjunction with the World Wide Web, is the birth of dating sites.

I was fascinated by some stories I thought for a while concocted by some friends about online dating sites. It was plain curiosity and adventurism I created my profile and became part of these sites. True enough I received e-mails from friends all over the globe. Later, within months of e-mail exchanges, came the doubts in my mind as to how I could compel my cyber friends for the veracity of their profiles and more so with their e-mails. One can simply exercise his journalistic gobbledygook on me, yet, leaving me in quandary.

Anyhow, I tried to rationalize to myself, and had an afterthought. Why should I expect too much from these people? Maybe, they just want to have a friend, to communicate their inner thoughts with, when no one cared to listen. Giving up my qualms, I decided to go along with them and just keep writing. Being busy with other concerns, I just let the days passed by. My incoming e-mails filled my inbox as friends paid visits to my profile, more teasing actually, than the real message one would like to receive.

At times, when I feel like surfing the net, I would curiously search for my user name. I would find my face at the other Websites along with half clothed sexy ladies. Gosh! I swear! I didn’t subscribe in those Websites!

The thought of getting offended came to my mind once. But I decided to compose myself and leave the other sites as they pleased. I thought to myself, “Hey! They made you famous! An online celebrity! Don’t you think you should be grateful to them?” Oh, well, okay fine. I’ll just have to get going as long as I don’t offend my family members and friends, so be it.

But despite the pros and cons of friendship at the World Wide Web, I got lucky to have the real good friends who continuously write. I could see in them the true meaning of friendships. Like in a package, they are not mainly concerned of the wrappings but what is inside of it. What ever comes next? I’ll just cross the bridge, when I get there. For now, I’m just ducky.

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