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Monday, January 14, 2008

What I Have Learned Then and Now

I came across this poem I composed myself while checking some of my files saved in my e-mail address. This had been a meaningful poem to me coz I submitted this to our training officer during my Call Centre training for Communication Skills. We were required by our training officer Lauren to bring a poem and recite it in front of the class to see how she could improve on our pronunciation and accent .

I’m pocket book reader but I would confess I’m not fond of reading poetry. I have plenty of pocket books in my room. I rummaged from book stores during cut price book sale. But none of the pocket books has poems in it. During my training days, I still have another job. And due to my limited time to go to the books store to buy a book or at least copy a poem, I thought of composing one. As it has been said, “Necessity is the father of invention.” :)

I recited this in front of my co trainees and everyone felt silent. With minor corrections on accents, I got lucky to pass the Communications Skills training. I want to share this simple composition with everyone. This is actually the story of my life. :)

What I have Learned Then and Now

As a child I was taught to be good,
Follow the rules, be respectful, to older people.
Study and strive hard, prepare for my future,
Come what may, education is more precious than gold

In quest for a better life, so be it,
I had to leave the place I considered a bliss,
I said farewell to my friends, I know I will miss sometimes,
The daily morning trip by the river watching the rising sun…

Ever watched the shimmering light, bathed the water of a flowing river?
Ever heard the rejoicing serenade of birdies, perched on trees nearby?
I swear they are just so beautiful! Reviving my very soul…
All simple things, I have learned to appreciate, the wonders of nature.

My quest for better education, had brought me to the big city,
The place I have learned to live on my own, and surviving is a duty.
I no longer own my time, my studies, my job, were neither of luxuries,
Yet, I know I need to go on, hurdle the obstacles, comes what may.

Years gone by, I cannot recall how long, but I made it finally,
The diploma was a reward, for me ‘twas like the biggest trophy.
I have learned it was my passport, getting a good job, a bit easy.
To aspire, a higher position though,
I need to fend off bureaucracy.

I have learned further, I cannot have all the good things in life,
Nor, what I desired, or I achieved, they are not enough, for a strife.
I chose to have the inner peace, I am happier now, I can confess,
All simple things, I have learned to appreciate, more than my vanities.

For beginners, I admonish you to pursue and go forward with your goal,
Yet, do not forget, to seek for righteousness, lest you hunger your soul.
I have learned, somehow, it is best to have a good head start,
Good achievements will be accorded with citations, no matter what.

I still pursue some good things in life, for who is not?
My passion for learning, that of good friends, I care a lot.
In here, I found my Friends, I am so blessed,
The most important thing I have learned, life is is indeed.

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