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Friday, February 29, 2008

Smart Shoppers

I am lucky I am working and lived at a place closer to shopping malls. I have access as to when these malls would markdown their prices anytime of the year. They usually go on mall wide discounted sales around two to three times a year. It is during their inventory months, when classes starts and around three months before Christmas. In my free time I would do some window shopping, for me to know the real prices of items I would be buying by the time mall owners would markdown the prices.

My targets usually are the bookstores and sports shops. My reader niece would not take any other presents from me other than books. With few exceptions meaning when the books are out of stock, she would settle for other items. Twice a year the bookstores would go on cut price book sale. A markdown of at least twenty percent is good enough. My eight year old niece from the time she started to learn swimming never let up to be at the pool at least once a week. I noticed she is growing faster though. She could use the swimsuit probably for a year and she would need a new one. There is one brand she prefers. A ten percent mark down on the item is a bit of a help.

One thing good, when mall owners would go on discounted sale they would do it on different dates and different locations in Metro Manila. This is to my advantage. I have more time to work on my budget. I would stock the items I bought in my drawers. By the time the occasions would come, I would have all the items in handy. My sister would laugh at me of the idea but it does not bother me at all. What I could saved on some items I could use the monies for other purposes.

I remember a talking to a young mother once, at a grocery located at the lower ground of the mall an hour before the mall closes. She said she has three kids. They lived in a condo closer to the mall. Her husband is the bread winner working as an accountant in an audit firm. Being a fulltime housewife she normally would go to the groceries two hours before the mall closes. The idea is to wait for the discounted prices of bread an hour before the mall closes. Not a bad idea. Starting a family and working on a budget I guess is not that easy. So why not be, a smart buyer?

Filipinos have good appetite for food. When you visit the malls in Metro Manila there will always be a coffee shop somewhere where one could relax after shopping, not to mention of the food court conveniently located at the lower ground of the malls. During weekends, the two leading food chains are almost full of children and parents. Parents may not really find the food enjoyable where their children would like to go, but weekends for Filipinos is a family affair and children on these days are the big bosses.

While mothers are busy with their shopping, the kids could enjoy the rides or simply be at the play land provided by some food chains. Children who do not enjoy playing could go to a bookstore and read books for free. Why not invite your mom to the mall to watch her grand kids or have your baby sitter go with you to watch the kids while you are sorting out for the items to buy? In this way, you have all the time to look around while your children enjoys at the play land.

So…Happy Shopping!

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