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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Starting up a business?

As there are smart malls shoppers I would say, there are also smart business entrepreneurs at various shopping malls. Most shoppers would flock to the malls because of amenities malls offer. To name a few, these are - convenient parking lots, clean environment, conveniently located restrooms, centralized air conditioning system, cinemas, fast food chains, internet café, etc. You name it, and malls have almost everything. Even some private couriers and government post office have a space inside, to do their businesses.

I bought cards for my friends this past Valentine’s Day. I was a bit worried how to mail the cards, when I chanced upon a small booth at the fourth level of a mall I normally visited after work. That was a relief! I had known a post office at the back of the building of an audit firm in Ayala Avenue, Makati City, but they transferred to a location unknown to me. The main post office building is full of people. Rather than falling, a long line, I just want to be home after my evening work shift.

To start a business there has to be a proper planning for the needed capital. Not to me
ntion of the fee for business registrations and taxes, one has to be ready with hiring a trusted store manager or storekeeper. In this manner some business operators at the malls were given a chance to have their own space to sell or display their products in a booth- like places that look like rolling-stores. Wide varieties of products and services could be found in these stalls, ranging from ice cream, candies, noodles and hotdog stand, cookies, popcorns, ladies accessories, ink refills, prepaid cell phone reloading, etc.

I love ice cream but I do not go for too sweet ice cream. There is one booth I would buy a small cone of ice cream. I would tell the young lady storekeeper to wrap the cone properly with a table napkin because I like the sugar coated cone. The ice cream and the cone are great desserts. My young lady officemate would abandon our invitation for breakfast at the fast food chain in favour of cup noodles. Sh
e would buy it at a stall that says Hongkong style noodles. I am not sure how Hongkong guys prepare their noodles but it really tastes good. The thing is, when I would buy a cup I would take it to the fast food to get a fork in favour of chopsticks.

I guess when I would retire from work I would go for this kind of business. It requires smaller capital and does not entail too much manpower. Franchising for a popular food chain is good but the return of investment takes years. To franchise, one has to have bigger capital to sustain at least the first three years of operations. To start a business, why not go for a manageable one? After all big things come from small beginnings. There is no limit to your great imaginations of the products you could sell that would generate faster turn over as far as the amount of monies you invested is concerned

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