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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Rule of Thumb

There is an exception to the rule. I guess that is the rule of thumb. I had been an advocate of health consciousness. I exercised and maintained my slim figure. Despite the effort I had forgotten there are other factors that could trigger for our bodies to become susceptible to any kind of ailment. The hospital became my home for at least four days, 14th March through the 18th, 2008 due to elevated blood pressure.

On the 6th of March I had experienced dizziness and imbalance preventing me to stand up all by myself. Thanks to the immediate response of our office nurse Megan. The beta blocker medicine lowered my blood pressure. After work, I went to a clinic conveniently located at the fourth floor of our office and thanked the lady doc for the prescription. I was advised to have blood chemistry. The following week was not a very good week for me. I still had elevated blood pressure and the dizziness was the same as that on the 6th of March despite taking my prescriptive medicines. I got lucky our office manager approved a two weeks vacation leave. I thought I would be able to rest for a while. An office mate teased me as to why I have high blood pressure despite my being slim. I weigh 110 pounds.

The last day I was to report for work was 14th of March. I had my blood pressure monitored by my landlady who is a nurse by profession. I was about to report for work when my blood pressure, shoot up again and the dizziness spell returned causing my imbalance. It was at the time my landlady nurse did not let up until I decided to go to a hospital. At the emergency room my blood pressure was 180/110, but it immediately responded to a water soluble beta blocker. The resident doc asked me if I want to go home.

I stayed at the hospital because I want to know what was causing the erratic blood pressure. All tests were done. Praise the Lord! The results were all normal! Thanks to my prayer partners. My lady doc ruled out it could be stress related, or due to the kind of food I am eating, or some kind of hormonal imbalance. Gosh! So after all I have to admit my body is not young anymore? Aha! Not a problem. Now that I have learned I am healthy, there is no way these triggering factors could put me down. I swear!

In acknowledgment - I would like to thank my lady doc, my nurses and all the staff of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Manila. Your best efforts are much appreciated. My apology to my family members and friends for the worries and inconveniences I had caused you. I would like to thank you all for the support. To my best friend Derek, sorry for not sending you SMS for the updates while I was confined at the hospital, I never thought I had you worried. Thanks for the moral support my Dearest.

Oh, and to my new found friend, my roommate Amy. Thanks for the beautiful testimonies. We will live long and beautiful through the years. I will pray for you continuously. It is a pity the other lady with us did not make it. But I know wherever she is, she is already happy.

God bless everyone! Kudos to my silent heroes.

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