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Monday, April 07, 2008

Miniature Roses

Miniature roses had gain popularity since these plants are grown easily. The size ranges from four feet or more in height and one and a half to two inches in diameter. Color is similar to that of full size roses.

Despite having less fragrance or no fragrance at all compared to full size roses. These roses look great on window sills or as accent plants to rock gardens. When grown indoors in pots, it is best recommended that there should be supplemental lights even when grown at a sunniest window. The stems could become stretched out leaving a gap or wider spaces between the leaves when not getting enough lights.

If grown indoors, sit the plants on a shallow tray filled with gravel and water. Miniature roses need lots of humidity. As the water evaporates, it will provide extra humidity needed by these plants. Spider mites and whiteflies are attracted to miniature roses. When these happened, give the plants weekly showers. Thoroughly rinse both the tops and the undersides of the leaves. Use insecticidal soap at a five day intervals.

Spraying plants with a solution of four parts water to three parts rubbing alcohol could drive away there insects. Adding a squirt of dish soap afterwards is recommended. Keep the plant out of the light until the alcohol dries completely. To substitute the water and alcohol solutions, try buttermilk spray. Mix one half cup buttermilk with four cups wheat flour to five gallons of water. Separate infected plants from the rests. In extreme cases, strip the leaves off the plants.

Use high potassium fertilizers for best flowerings. The last number in the N-P-K ratio indicates the amount of potassium. An N-P-K ratio of 5-5-10 is a good choice. Mix the fertilizer to about one fourth strength and use it once a week. After the plants had been kept indoors for a number of seasons, it is best recommended to plant them outdoors. They can be planted in the garden directly or kept in containers that provide best room for the plants to grow.

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