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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Silent Beauty

I surf the net and tried to look for meaning of flowers. I was given all the Websites that gave me all different essences and meanings of giving flowers. I love flowers myself. As it has been said when we give something, we give something we ourselves would like to receive. Judging from what I read from several authors, they wrote the meaning of every flower they could think of, according to what they probably thought, learned from others, or learned from their readings. I am glad to know these authors took time to give value to nature’s silent beauty.

My apology to animal pet lovers but due to my allergy to furs I rather have stuffed toys rather than live ones. Flowers do brighten up my room coming home from work. I like the scents of potpourri made from roses and jasmine. During cooler weather I would like to be burning candles in my room with lemon, orange, jasmine and my favourite rose scents. I love the sweet smelling scents every time I would open the door to my room.

Having lived in a farm as a young girl, I got the feel of planting every kind of plants I could grow in front of our farm house. They were beautiful! Just looking at them every morning from a window when I woke up would brighten up my day. I am mesmerized by how some plants could have beautifully shaped leaves and colours when they are unable to bear flowers. I believed nature did it that way to compensate for not having to bear flowers. Miniature roses and orchids were among my favourites. They grow easily even without fertilizers. I guess the abundance of farm soil had contributed a lot for their easy growth.

I missed growing these plants with my own hands. My limited space at home, would not allow me to grow the plants, aside from being busy with my daily activities. For now, I could only afford to grow fortune plants in a glass of jelly, my appreciation to the saleslady who had patiently explained to me how to take care of the plant. Likewise, I am glad there are flower shops I could visit at the malls and bring home some bouquet of roses to decorate my room once in a while. Flowers give me sense of relaxation.

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