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Monday, September 29, 2008

It's My Turn

I’ve been greeting my family members on their birthdays and now I guess it’s my turn to thank them and my friends for the warm greetings on my birthday last Sept 22.

Yup! Another leaf from my tree of life had fallen as I celebrated my __ nd birthday. I believed every lady has her own mystery. So let my age be a mystery to the WWW. But if you ask me I will oblige with a good answer. Some say I hide my age well anyway. Yeah, you are right they are my relatives and close friends.

Kidding aside, I never thought I’d get lots of e-card from my international friends. Thanks a lot guys! You made my day. I know how busy you are but you took time off to send me those greeting cards. Susannah and Ruby – thank you ladies!

To my best friend Derek- thanks for the remembering. It’s a pity I didn’t get your SMS. To my friend Billy - thanks for the laughter on our chat. And to my new friend Tony - thanks for taking a time off just to send me the greeting card. I hope you don’t tire yourself too much so your TV would at least enjoy your company.
To my family members – thanks for the greetings!

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