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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Dreamer

As a young person you dreamed of having good grades in school to pleased mom and dad who are working hard to put you in the best school they could. You are spared from all house chores as you have your household helpers who dot on you and rather let you worked on your school assignments. Yeah, unlike some of your classmates you were provided with all convenience your parents could afford to give you.

On the day of your college graduation your heard the applause of your friends and classmates cheering for you. Your mom and dad are very proud their son graduated the Bachelor’s degree with flying colors. You attained what you had dreamed of. Summa Cum Laude, the highest recognition to the envy of some colleagues.

Looking for a job is no problem. The university had referred you to big corporations and job offers and interviews just came without you knocking at any office door to look for the job of your choice. If there has been one lucky person in this world that is you. A young company who had started operation about a year is in need of a manager since one of the founding officers is due for retirement and wants to vacate the position the soonest possible to be reunited with his family abroad. You were hired for the position not because of your dad’s business influence but your resume spoke better.

Being a neophyte in the field of corporate arena you tried to rule the office by the book from what you had learned in school. You became tough on little misbehavior of those people under you and strict with adherence to company policies. You rationalized you are following what is on the book. That is okay, but do not forget the author of the book may not be knowledgeable enough when the book was written. Or it was written for another purpose.

Remember there is the highest law of the land that governs moral values, etiquettes, and most especially the rights of every human being in the land of his birth. Who is the author of this book? The sovereign people and ignorance to it, is not an excuse for non compliance. Caveat dreamer, time to wake up!

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