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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Present

If there are children who had been very happy about receiving Christmas presents, I believed my nephew and my four nieces are among them. We did not give them a car or out of the country plane tickets. But, just toys and items every member of the family believes they would need in school or something that will amuse them. Some family members who do not have the luxury of time to shop gave cash and let the kids go shopping with their moms as chaperones.

My 9 year-old- niece had a great time shopping for toys. The money came from her uncles and aunt from her mommy’s side. Being a wise spender once she is given a budget she would first do some window shopping for the toys that would catch her attention and tried to work on a list of toys she wants to buy when she gets home. Of course she gets a swim suit from me. The brand she fancied. Other family members gave her something to wear and use, like swim cap, towels, sleepers, etc.

My nephew and his sister would prefer cash so they could buy the items they choose to wear like shoes and pants. You know how teens would like to boost their self image. The more they attract people with their looks and what they wear the more they feel better. In some ways, I would like to give them cash to make them aware of the prices of commodities. Also, so they would know it is not easy to shop around to look for the items they needed. Sometimes some could be out of stock and they would go for other options, like changing the brand they had first in mind or go to other stores.

My reader niece aside from her love for her computer never gets tired asking me for the books she would like to add to her growing collection of book series. Yeah, right I wrote book series. That means I have to buy not just one book but the whole book series. I hope the good authors would stop writing book series. Thanks goodness for a book sale at least twice a year at the two giant book stores in Manila.

Christmas is an occasion for the children. Some children carolers would start pressing out doorbell at home as early as day one of December singing forgotten lyrics of Christmas songs. Funny thing is, almost every night some faces look familiar. They just mingled with other group so we will not recognize they are the same children.

No matter how simple we celebrate Christmas make it happy and meaningful for your children, your family, friends, and all those people you cared and loved. That, to me is the best Christmas present you can give.

*********************** Merry Christmas! ***********************

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