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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

People from all over the world participated in the call to turn off their lights for at least an hour at 8:30pm to 9:30pm. The historic and symbolic event happened last March 28. I am thankful indeed to our HR and Program Coordinator. We were reminded of the Earth Hour by e-mail a week before the event. We were also given a small cute flashlight loaded with batteries. That was for us employees to use during the celebration. Sunday the following day, Philippine television networks broadcasted Philippines garnered the Guinness Book of Record for synchronized turning off of lights, nationwide.

The turning off of lights for an hour was received with jubilation of Filipinos around the archipelago and I do believed, likewise from those overseas. Lights were off from various residential houses, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, malls and other business establishments that operate at night. That means it included even the neon lights used as sign boards. It was a joyous celebration at the biggest mall in Metropolis, The Mall of Asia. The symbolic event was participated by candle bearing employees and shoppers who were inside the mall.

Corollary to earth hour, candles had always been of many uses to Filipinos. As a matter of fact there are some government and non government associations teaching candle makings. Candles and candle holders of many shapes, sizes, colors, materials etc, would have a place inside malls and market places to where shoppers could make choices to their delights. No matter how candles are used. I would light a candle than to stumble in the dark.

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