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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Cards

The evolution of the cards continued and had been printed not only at Christmas times but for birthdays, graduations, congratulatory, thank you cards and many more. Some wanted the happy thoughts to be in a form of jokes. But no matter how the card is created, card lovers like me would take time to read the dedications before buying them. I send cards depending on how I would like to convey my thoughts to the recipient. I send card for no occasion at all, just to be in touch with the person.
Inspired by a friend who has given him the idea John Calcott Horsley created and printed the first Christmas card in England in 1843. Sir Henry Cole was a wealthy British businessman who wanted to send greetings to his friends and business associates, thought of the idea of the first Christmas card. The card presented the Victorian Christmas spirit showing photos of English family enjoying the holiday and undertaking acts of charities

I created my own Christmas cards out of my computer AutoShapes and gave them to some of my friends. I had them printed in my computer ink but hopefully I could have someone printed them for me next year. In this way I would have personalize cards to be sent to my family members and friends. I took photo of one of them and thought of sharing it with you. If you received one of these cards, I want to let you know it has fruits of love in it.   

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