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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Make It Happen In 2010!

As I recall the events in 2009, the happy and sad memories, I could consider the intensity of the sad memories outnumbered the latter. In my recollection the flash flood brought by typhoon Ondoy on the 26th of September is one I would say an unforgettable event to Manila residents and those residing in nearby cities and towns. I am not a Manila born but I chose to live in the city after I graduated from college despite my late father's persuasive words I come back to my hometown. I was alone in Manila then. I believed as a father he wanted his children to be closed by. Manila is around 150 miles from the province I came from.

Manila is the center of commerce and industry in the Philippines. This is the place where big business establishments and government offices are located. I had been a resident of Manila for quite a number years and I had never experienced such a citywide flood brought by a typhoon. I was about to go home at that rainy morning of the 26th of September, after my work shift. But no jeeps either taxis were available. Busses were packed with passengers inside, trying to get home. I decided to stay at the office with a younger officemate. She was thankful we stayed as she was advised by a friend through SMS to her cell phone the water on the way to their house was neck deep.

We were safe inside our office watching a television station broadcasting live, a roof of a house being carried by a strong current with youngsters standing on it. Residents were frantically throwing ropes and old car tires for them to hold on to. The current however was too strong leaving them no time to duck and minded those items being thrown at them. The following day the same television station broadcasted some of them did not survive but became part of the debris when the flood waters ebbed.

Cars were tossed by strong current parked on garages like toys while owners were on the roofs of their houses crying for help. The needed helps were delayed. Strong willed neighbors grouped themselves to save lives. Using ropes, old tires, equipped with prayers they braved the cold waters and strong current to save lives. Many of my officemates were unable to go back to their houses. The aftermath was devastating. They got lucky somehow compared to others. Our office housed them in hotels all expenses paid for them inclusive of food and other personal items for at least a week. It was almost a week long rain that caused the flash flood. Our weathermen advised we never had so much rainfall in just a week.

I blame no one for what happened. I believed, when God closes a door He opens a window of opportunities. As we welcome 2010 let us help in saving our environment. Let us help save lives by doing our part. Let us work and earn monies to help ourselves and our families in a dignified manner. To the youngsters, fall in love, why not? But know how to take responsibility for your actions. Study well while you parents can afford to support you. And when you are ready for the job, work honestly and diligently even if the boss is not watching. You have talents to show the whole world. You can make things happen.

To our aspiring leaders this coming May 2010 Presidential elections, Filipinos want to see more actions than television ads and media mileage. If we work hand in hand, we can make things happen. Yes, we can … start in 2010. 

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