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Friday, January 08, 2010

Two Years Old At WWW

Jolly Princess @ Wold Wide Web is two years comes the 11th of January. I am glad despite my busy schedule at work I am able to maintain my blog that had served as my windows to the Wold Wide Web. The birth of Jolly Princess is due to my fight against insomnia coupled by an inspiration from a Webmaster from Ohio, I met online. We lost touch but I do hope he could somehow stumble on this blog. He encouraged me to start with Web developing but what I came up is a blog. He calls me Princess for some reason that had given me the idea of naming my blog Jolly Princess. Blogger is so easy to use. The step by step tutorial is easy to comprehend.

Did I say Blogger is user friendly? The thing is, after creating my blog, I thought to myself. I am the only one reading my blog. I started to search on how I would be able to share my blog to online readers. My search led me to come across with the band same name as my blog. Oh, so my blog, is already famous. It was not an easy task for the hit and missed. I found a way how to create Meta tag but I could not put the tag in my blog. There were times I would changed my HTML to see it if works. I was glad when finally, my patient was rewarded. I received an e-mail from Blogger Webmaster I guess, who showed me where to put the Meta tag in my HTML. I was so proud of my achievement. I started telling my friends about my blog. I am not really sure if they had visited my blog. They may not be interested or maybe too busy to mind. But it was okay, I had my blog published.

My youngest brother was so happy upon learning from my sister in law I did another achievement in my continuous self study of his favorite machine. I am now at WWW instead of simple power point. I have my blog, and published. My curiosity did not stop from publicity. I also tried to add some ad in my blog but decided later to delete them. Being busy at work I had some lull in posting. I likewise tried to concentrate on writing about health topic, but I found it time consuming. As it is a no, no, for me to publish something based only on my opinions. I had to burn my keyboard to research on what to write. My posts have to be factual. I would not be happy at all to get a comment rebutting my post. It is not easy to think of something to write. Nor will I be happy to get virus in my computer because I got entangled with an online reader.

Life is continuous learning. I would not say I had learned everything after two years of blogging. I still grave for ideas I could get from fellow bloggers. As I visited some blogs I am still missing a lot. I have great appreciation to the unrelenting efforts of my fellow bloggers, for the designs and lovely posts. I do surely have more to learn in the coming days at the bloggers world.

                     ♫ Happy Birthday Jolly Princess @ World Wide Web! ♫


dhondup_lama said...

Yep! u r a writer instead of ur tight n hectic schedule! i feel motivated! thanx. keep writing...

Jolly Princess said...

Hi, dhondup_lama thank you for dropping by. I visited your blog but it seems you're busy to write. I'm looking forward to reading you post soon.

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