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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fun Night

Thanks to the Management and Staff for the joyful night of a simple but worth remembering office party the other night, 31st of January. The food and drinks and the bottomless ice tea were worth the prize for coming especially it was dinner time. I am not fond of parties because of loud noise and smoke. I guess if I am to host a party I would prefer to do in an open air venue. I am not asthmatic but the enclosed place suffocates me. My younger teammates did not make it, they have work shift. I would have been happy to change place with anyone of them had it been possible.

The band was okay, despite the ear splitting sounds that one could not make out what the singers were singing. But the dancing was fantastic. When you are working eight hours to nine hours sitting down, it was worth it to be at the dancing floor. Moving your body makes it relaxing knowing you down some of the calories after eating meals. As always, I am not lucky when it comes to raffling of prizes despite, being one of the early birds.

Congratulations to the best performers for the year, agent and team captains despite some raised eyebrows from some of our colleagues. I guess some are just lucky to have been present in time for the occasion. I hope our coordinators or whoever is in charge would strictly evaluate the performance of would be winners with or without parties to be held. This is to avoid possible overlook of those who had worked hard for the entire year, for the benefits of the account and they are more deserving for the award.

The Miss Gay contest was new addition to the usual parlor games. The contestants had provided us with entertainments. They got me busy with my camera. I had a little difficulty focusing my camera due to their swift movements. I took few photos for my Facebook for the contestants to see how they look during the night. I just felt bad I had inadvertently deleted one of the photos from the memory of my digicam while discarding some unwanted photos. I learned my lesson, upload photos to my computer first before deleting some of them.

Party cooled off at around 2am. My thanks to those who had worked so hard to break the monotony of the rigorous high bill winter calls every night we report for work. To my young officemate Dann, thanks for the company. I enjoyed the night because of you stirring me up. I could see in you the example of a good leader. Meantime, I am battling with my sore throat and allergic cough. I hope to get rid of these soon.


Pokagon Member said...

bohzo (hello)

I am surprised with asthma that you did not have problems with the smoke. It sounded like you had a lot of fun.

Have a great day!

Riza said...

Hi, I'm thinking you're working for TXU? Well, that's the only US and Utility company I know, I think there's still others, just not familiar with them...anywho, thanks for dropping by my site and leaving me a tag! I used to be a Call Center agent but I want to continue something else, so here I am ^____^x

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