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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Notepad Says

We normally do not have time for chat when we sat on our respective workstations but my teammates and I find time to have fun in the best way we could. Despite our differences in work schedules we are happy to see each other every Monday to share and compare our quality assurance scores and how we faired in our average handling time. Our team captain is on top of our attendance and lower percentage of our average handling time. He made sure everyone complied with the proper holding procedure to minimize our average handling time. Needles to say sleeping at work stations is a BIG no. Snooze boxes are available, with separate rooms for the gentlemen and the ladies. If you are in between, you do not have a choice but go with your respective original genders.

I had been with my teammates for barely four months. But I would say I like their company. It had been a practice at our office that teams are reshuffled at any given time of the month or year. I guess management does it that way to at least help team captains improved their team scores. I just cannot imagine the agony of a team captain wrestling with his performance due to poor attendance of the team members. Each one does not have a choice who will be assigned to belong to ones team. Same with us team members we do not have a choice as to who will be our team captain.

Most of my teammates are young professionals. I am proud of them for being able to cope up with the demanding nightly work shifts. Except for some who would try to do multi tasking by sleeping at their work stations with their headsets on. There is no set back that caused the team to become a mediocre performer. Last December 2009, we ranked number one in our division for the lowest average handling time. We reached as high as 98 percent in one of our week performances for quality assurance score.

Last Christmas of 2009, we had some exchange gifts and the laughter was just overwhelming no matter how simple the occasion was celebrated. It was a pity most of my teammates were unable to attend the party last 31st of January. They were at work wrestling with customers on winter high bills. We were lucky though. We had another fun night last Monday, 8th of February. We had pre Valentines Day celebration at the office to usher the love month. And I guess, to divert our attention from the grueling high bill winter month, callers. We were advised to bring mask. We had some fun taking our photos at our wok stations. I am glad all of us were present. Despite the limited time, the night was celebrated with wide grin and laughter as we took turns smiling at the camera to see who has the sweetest smile.

We Smile! We Laugh! We Perform!

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