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Monday, February 08, 2010

Hello from Heaven

The 5th of February was the birthday of my late father. He would have been 83 years old had he not been a residence of the many mansions, ten years ago due to liver cancer. Maybe I would say - hello from earth to heaven- if I wanted to greet him personally. Nope, that would not be necessary. Sometime this month I will find time to visit him where he was laid to rest. Yeah, I know it is late. But I already spoke with him in my thoughts. I could not make it on his birthday because I got work shift and overtime the following day. Considering I had just recovered from my allergic colds. I know he will understand.

I am not really close to my father because I hated his rod, his smoking and drinking habits but there are many good memories I am reminded of my father. His good discipline that made him the boss of our modest home and made us, his children appreciated him when we became adults. Although I do not favor children should be disciplined by using a rod. I guess he did not have time to tell us why we had to do it that way. He was just too busy making a living for his one wife, my mother, and his four children.

His talent in Mathematics is something I admired. I had not been blessed to have his talent in Math but at least I have his good looks. I guess you could tell it is the best I admired in him. His photos in his younger years showed he was a real charmer. My three siblings are the ones who had his Math talent plus his good looks. I need to mention plus, his good looks. That is to avoid violent reactions through comments from my nephew and nieces.

My engineer brother inherited his special talent in Math. His Math talent made him won over my mother at all times. They would play board games and sungka during their bonding moments. Sungka is a Filipino version for congkak. He would have been a chess champ had he known to play the game. My only sister shared with him his interest in politics. My brother next to me has his talent in cooking. I wonder how he could make his dishes so appealing to ones appetite. Despite his prowess in Math my father dreamed of being a lawyer. In that aspect, we shared the same dream.

What do his four children have in common we believed we inherited from our father? Our love for our family, being hard working, self discipline, patience and perseverance and the desire to improve and excel in our talents our father shared with us. I guess if he is given the opportunity to read this blog. He would be more than happy to say –

                                                          Hello! …from… heaven! ♫


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Pokagon Member said...

bohzo Jolly Princess

I am sad that you are sad because of the loss of your father, it is obvious that you loved your father in your writing, smile Jolly princess, you made him a very nice cake and even made him one years old.

He taught you good lessons of being close to your family, have a great day and i hope you are really Jolly.


Jolly Princess said...

Hi David, and you made me smile today. ;) Thanks for the nice comment and continuously checking on my blog. I know we cannot be physically with our loved ones forever. But the good memories are there to cherish. I am happy knowing you are just a keyboard away from me. To make me feel the World Wide Web is worth my time sharing my thoughts with. Smile for me my friend, always…

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