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Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Blog Template

Surprise! I got a new blog template!

Yup! I did change my blog template because I am having trouble viewing my blog using Internet Explorer. I thought if I update my blog template to one of the new ones recommended by I would be able to view my blog just like I used too with IE. To my dismay, my expectation did not happen. Since my previous template was on old one. I was unable to go back to it anymore. If you had been visiting my blog, this used to be how it looked. 
Well, I would say not bad for the update I did. I chose the simple template for me to be able to design my blog.  Pink is not actually one of my favorite colors but it denotes being young. Being a princess, I chose the color. My favorite colors are red, black and gold, extreme right? I like other colors of course and I can match colors to create a design. You got it!  I like every flower that grows on planet earth. However, roses and orchids are my favorites. It is not easy to design a blog. The thing is. I had to allot a certain time to do it. I love designing my own blog. I want my blog to look happy.  I am Jolly Princess after all. 

I had great time putting all together all the gadgets to make my blog looked this way. It was a bit tiring though. Yet it was worth it, when I see the end result. I mentioned about my internet browser. I am using Mozilla Firefox this time. I am not sure what will work for you. For me, my internet connection is faster when I used Firefox. I can view my blog in the manner I want it. I still use IE on other Websites, though. So I have two browsers I used alternately. I guess maybe there is something I need to do with IE. My busy brain has not figured it out yet for now.
 Thanks Josh Peterson!
I hope I made you happy with the blog template you designed.


Hasi said...

Excellent. I'd like to suggest that little bit more "blend in" in the banner (one with the rose) would look better. :) cheers

Nur said...

I like it Ms. JP...and you've got that nice avatar. Your niece must be a very good multimedia artist.

beanizer_05 said...

love your new template!!
perfectly suits my Jolly Mommy JP!!..

i wish i could be as hyper as you in changing & designing my template,,but i just got my lazy bones, i don't update my blog too..hehehe..can you lendme your super hyper powers Mommy??

ryan said...

Liking it, very nice. I also use firefox it's faster and more functional. Happy blogging.

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