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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Free at Last

After about a couple days bringing a box of tissue and rolled hanky inside my pants side pocket while at work. I am now free from runny nose and watery eyes. The acetaminophen, paracetamol did a good job by controlling my possible exile in bed. I took at least six tablets and religiously monitored the every four hours instruction to take each tablet. Being absent from work is the least thing I would like to do.

Although I know it is a natural reaction of our body when the defense is under attack by allergens. The discomfort is so annoying. I almost succumbed to the great invite to stay home. Are you getting the picture of what could possibly happen to the mouthpiece of my headset with my runny nose while speaking with a customer? I can imagine you guys are chuckling while reading this line.

Sorry doc. I am allergic to see you with your nurse sticking that thermometer under my tongue. I fought with my allergy and concentrated on getting better at once. The warm water with salt also did wonders in taking care of my itchy throat.

Unknown to some, salt is a good way to clean mucus and plugs sticky phlegm. It also helps to ease up the discomfort from itchy throat that leads to coughing heavily. Salt has natural disinfectant to combat infections. Mix half teaspoon salt to a cup of warm water. It provides speedy cure for painful sore throat. Plain table salt can be used as it works just fine for sore throat. Another alternative for curing sore throat is by gargling water mixed with hydrogen peroxide.

Drinking plenty of water and fruit juices rich in vitamin C helps in curing allergic cough and colds. Bromelain in pineapple is one good example of essential  enzyme that helps combat allergic attack. Anyhow, if bed rest is needed then go for it.

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